Uncover the unique business message that feels good to you AND gives your ideal clients what they want and need

I believe each of us has a unique message to share.  I help you discover yours and express it as the perfect solution for the clients you love to serve.  

No more niches that feel like a trap! Instead, craft a personal, powerful message that speaks to clients you love

A compelling message consists of two parts: the authentic part, and the commercial part.

You  need to structure your message and carve out a space for it - in the market and in your heart.

You're a life-changing coach, therapist or consultant who is new online or trying to find a profitable niche. Right now, it feels like you can either be commercially successful or follow your passion and express what's true to your heart.

One minute,  you're full of passion and excitement about what you have to share; the next, you're in danger of losing yourself in the rush to build traffic, funnels and lists. 

Don't give up on your business because you're not getting clients! I'll help you nurture your creation and give it a real, fighting chance.

Your successful practice starts here

Most courses and business coaches will teach you how to build traffic, but not how to define the magic of working with you. They’ll help you research the problems your clients are experiencing, but first you have to know who those clients are.  They’ll cover how to run ads, or launch a product, but they won’t tell you how you’re different from anyone else.

Which is why, when you take courses that promise anything from sales funnels to 6-figure businesses, you get stuck.

It’s why you act small and lack confidence when you talk about your business, why you feel icky and uncomfortable about marketing and sales.

It’s the reason nobody’s interested in the deep-down transformation you know you can provide; why you find yourself drawn to niches that seem profitable, but don't bring you alive.

Until you know how you and your clients fit together, it’s impossible to express the value your clients get from working with you.

I can help you experience the clarity and confidence that comes from knowing in your heart what you have to offer and what makes you unique; then express that in a message that shows your clients why working with you is money well spent.

We'll uncover the missing piece of the puzzle that describes your unique gifts and matches your magic to the kind of clients you’ll love to work with so you can have a greater impact in the world. 

Start making a difference today

One-to-one Coaching

Reach out to your ideal clients and start showing up authentically and unapologetically as your true self online. Because who you are holds your power as a coach, and your story is what makes you unique.

To find out if we're a good fit, apply for a free, no obligation discovery session today.

Can't find the words?? Here's the Breakthrough you need.

A deep-dive intensive to get you clear on your authentic message and implement the first steps to getting it out in the world.

The Branding Breakthrough Intensive  is perfect if you know your stuff, but simply can't find the words that attract the right clients.

My name's Meg Ward

For years, I was on the lookout for something that’s mine. Somewhere I felt like I’m really making a difference, without leaving parts of myself behind. I finally realised I had to stop trying to get people to understand what I do, and start to look for a problem I had the skills to solve.  

I now help coaches and service providers achieve the same - stop struggling and start attracting clients that bring them alive.  I discovered the message is everything. Work out what that is, and how to get it in front of your ideal clients, and you have a business you'll never grow tired of; one where you feel inspired, creative and ready to stand up and be seen!

If this sounds like something you need, send me an email or book your free, no-obligation discovery call today.